Bahr-i Siyah construction real estate promotion and marketing company; Project promotion and Marketing, housing, workplace, land etc. with its professional staff on real estate investments in many regions of Turkey, especially in the Black Sea region. in addition, it carries out its services during the process of implementation of legal procedures, follow-up and finalization of transactions. We are proud to present the most prestigious and ideal investment opportunities in the Black Sea region, which has become the favorite of foreign investors with the reciprocity law in recent years. With our trained staff in the field of real estate consultancy, we meet the expectations of our customers in the highest standards. It is our first priority to deliver our growing portfolio from local to Nation to the widest masses and to offer integrated solutions to our customers with trust and quality priority. We are steadily progressing towards growing our brand by raising real estate consultants who are trustworthy, respected and open to continuous education and technological developments. Our aim is to combine the knowledge and experience we have obtained from our long-standing past with our professional team and qualified human resources and to provide services at international standards. Our work principles in this direction ; Unconditional customer satisfaction Professional service Trust and respect Honesty Development Sharing The right address for your investments Bahr-i Siyah investment

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